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3 Key Things to Know About Online Casinos

               In recent years, the popularity of online casino gambling seems to have skyrocketed, with advertisements for different sites appearing everywhere you look. Most noticeable, though, is the growth of the online casino industry. This new form of gambling seems to have taken off swiftly, presumably because it provides the otherwise exclusive pastime of spending hours at a casino to the wider public. In order to understand what draws so many people to investigate the world of online casinos, it’s important to first understand what they’re all about. Here are 3 key things to know about how an online casino works so that you can judge for yourself whether it’s worth a go.


1.                Downloadable Software and Flash Players. Most online casinos give each customer the option to choose between playing instantly online (via a flash player casino) or to download casino software onto their PC, offering a wider variety of games and more incentives. Download versions will offer you more games for your money, but it’s worth remembering that you will have to register an account with your bank details before beginning to play. Flash player versions can be handy for those just getting started at an online casino, with many sites allowing you to play in practice mode first before betting any money – a good way to work out if you want to continue on.


2.                Making deposits and withdrawals. Online casinos, like their real life counterparts, rely on the customers making deposits and withdrawals to keep the casino functioning. Whereas in a real casino you’d have chips to cash in at the end of the night, online casinos will give you credits for your money. It is vital that you know how to go about making deposits and withdrawals from your account – after all, you wouldn’t walk out of a casino without cashing in your chips, would you? Check for details like minimum deposits, as many companies will not accept lower than £20. Also make sure that you know what method to use to withdraw your winnings. Sites usually use methods like Click2Pay and PostePay to credit and withdraw from their customers’ accounts.


3.                Incentives. Generally speaking, online casinos offer customers an incentive to get them started, like River Belle’s online casino sign-up bonus of £100/$100. This can be a good way to get to know the games, but remember to treat your own money with more caution than the free bonus once you start spending it. Look out for loyalty schemes as a common feature of online casinos. At River Belle, for example, each customer gets between 1 and 3 loyalty points for every 10 dollar wager they place. These are deposited into the player’s account to act as extra credit.


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