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Baccarat Strategy

Hello everyone,

Thank you all who have shown great interest to the new system titled: SBSMP, which stands for the Simple Baccarat System with the Mildest Progression announced a couple of weeks ago.

I have been overwhelmed with the quantity of questions on the system, so I would like to share my answers in this newsletter with an FAQ.

Q: Hi Izak:

Your new Baccarat System sounds interesting. I have some questions for you.

What if you lose your progression? How many units will you have lost total by losing that particular progression?

In your testing, what was the biggest drawdown in number of units?

Would one play the entire shoe from beginning to end, or is their a win goal for each shoe?


A: The progression is not a regular type you may be acquainted with. It is not a sequence of consecutive losses. You may have up to 25 steps in the progression with losses and wins in between.

There is no such thing as "losing" a progression. You may end up with -3 units at the end of the 25 steps or -7 or just a small negative figure.

In the testing the largest drawdown was 23 units. You can play, join and quit the shoe anytime or play it entirely and play multiple shoes continuously. The win target you may have is for an entire session, not just a shoe. The play is continuous and no tracking is involved whatsoever. The system consists of a very strong bet selection combined with the mildest of all progressions generating lots of winning sessions.

Q: If the progression is not resolved by the end of the shoe, does one take it to the next shoe.

A: Yes, by all means.

Q:  Izak, is this system just a variation on Cluster? The reason I ask is because of the 'mild progression', which makes me think it could be similar to Cluster.

What are the key differences between this system and Cluster, and which one performs better, or is 'safer' to use?


A: Thank you for your interest.

SBSMP is very different than the Cluster system. Cluster did not have a mild progression. On the contrary, it had this double up Martingale for 5 steps. SBSMP's highest bet never exceeds 5 units and it can even take up many steps in its very mild progression. That's why it may be "safer" to use it.

Another major difference is that in Cluster when a run is lost, one registers minus 31 units. In SBSMP when a run is abandoned, one could be at -3 units or -7 units or -23 units. That's why its recovery is much stronger, as wins are also not of a grind type, but one can end up at +2, +3, +4 units for each run.

Cluster requires tracking and finding the right opportunities before betting. SBSMP has a very strong bet selection, particularly for Baccarat, and is very dynamic in the sense, that one bets every hand of the shoe.

Cluster's bet selection has a very original concept, never seen before. SBSMP's bet selection has also never been seen before, and follows 3 simple rules.

Cluster has numerous ways of winning, and gives a lot of space for creativity, imagination and observation for the player. SBSMP is extremely mechanical. Two people using SBSMP will bet exactly the same manner.

Q: Do you bet on player or banker?

A: Depending on its bet selection, you will be placing bets on Banker and on Player.

Q: Izak, You indicate the system will win flat betting. How much per shoe? You indicate the bet selection can not be used for other games but the progression can. Will the progression win with other games and if so how much? Thanks.

A: Flat betting, the system wins. It's a bit slower than using the mild progression, though. By the end of 1000 decisions, there are about 56-70 more wins than losses minus Banker win commissions. So, the average profit per shoe becomes 3-4 units flat betting.

The progression wins on all even bet games with almost any bet selection. It generates about 85 units profit for 1000 decisions and there is no commission involved.

Q: Izak,
On your system page you show a chart for SBSMP and at one point the it seems to drop approximately 40 units, before recuperating, is that correct?

However in this forum you talk about a max loss run of 23 units.
Am I reading something incorrectly?

A: You're reading it perfectly.

In the chart one sees a drop from +70 units to +25, as though there was a drop of 45 units. However, this is not one run, but two or three, that may have resulted a loss of around 12-18 units each and not consecutively. If you look carefully, there are some winning runs between the +70 to +25.

Q: Izak, It sounds like the progression winning 85 units per 1000 decisions in any game is about equal to 70 units per shoe in bac considering commission. You indicated flat betting you should have somewhere around a 6% advantage flat betting in bac yet win about the same amount of units in any even bet game using the progression. Flat betting with another bet selection you should be at a 1 to 2% disadvantage. How is it possible for the progression to win the same amount with a 6% advantage vs a 2% disadvantage? Thanks.

A: That's because the progression is so mild, that it is quasi flat betting during a few of its stages.

Q: Questions for Izak:

Have you tested this system on either of the Zumma testing books for Baccarat? If so, what are the results? I ask because it looks like an Excel simulation on the newsletter. The other question is have you played it yourself? If so, how have you done?

A: I avoid Zumma testing nowadays, as people say if the system beats the tester book, it must have been reverse-engineered. Although I don't do that, it is possible to reverse-engineer previously known results and adapt the system accordingly. In any event, for my own curiosity, I ran some tests on the Zumma 600 shoes, the 72 Days of Baccarat and it generated about 135 units for the first 1700 decisions.

I never market anything, that I haven't played myself and I never try to sell it if I'm not successful with it.

Q: Izak, Is it the bet selection or progression which is the most responsible for the systems success? Did I pick up somewhere that the selection is based on card values of the last hand? Thanks.

A: The mild progression works with any bet selection for any even bet game. The bet selection, however, is designed specifically for Baccarat, synchronizing itself to the odds and proportion of Player versus Banker decisions. That's why the combination of the two (bet selection plus the bet method) makes it very strong for Baccarat.

The bet selection is not based on the card values of the last hand.

Q:  Me, I am curious about the outcome after each 1000 decisions.
Izak, could you please, using the simulator included, show the profit , for example, of 12 consecutive sets of 1000 random decisions?  I want to see an example of range of the profit that it can generate.

A: Here are the results of the 12 runs of the simulation after 1000 decisions. Results include deduction of commissions on Banker wins:

1) Profit: 58.05
Maximum profit: 69.4
Drawdown: -10.35

2) Profit: 35.6
Maximum profit: 73.15
Drawdown: -18.7

3) Profit: -38.9
Maximum profit: 47.85
Drawdown: -43.3

4) Profit: 30.2
Maximum profit: 74.65
Drawdown: 0

5) Profit: 27.95
Maximum profit: 57.75
Drawdown: -49.35

6) Profit: 39.55
Maximum profit: 39.65
Drawdown: -46.15

7) Profit: 11.7
Maximum profit: 25.25
Drawdown: -54.65

8) Profit: -16.05
Maximum profit: 33.65
Drawdown: -62.05

9) Profit: 44.8
Maximum profit: 60.25
Drawdown: -1.05

10) Profit: 101.15
Maximum profit: 101.2
Drawdown: -34

11) Profit: 71.3
Maximum profit: 82
Drawdown: -7.25

12) Profit: 73.5
Maximum profit: 77.15
Drawdown: -17.15

Q: Were the above 12 runs flat betting or using the mild progression?

A: They were using the mild progression.

Q: Izak,

Am I correct that your position is that the baccarat decisions with the randomizer is reflective of real casino baccarat play and that your method should show the same results on average under both conditions?

A: Yes, on average, similar results should be obtained on all environments.

Thank you again for your great interest. 

The system goes for $450 and it's worth every penny.  It will pay itself off  within the first day of its use and then it's open ended profits for you.  You have a full money back guarantee on it within 30 days of your purchase upon your full satisfaction.

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