The Best Tips for Playing Craps


The game of craps is arguably one of the most popular games in the casino.  In land based casinos it’s easy to find the craps table. There are usually several people huddled around the table and, if the table is ‘hot’, they will be yelling and cheering in excitement. You’ll often see many ‘groupies’ around the table checking out the action too.


The game of craps also has great odds at both types of casinos and for those who’d rather put their money into gambling (instead of flight and accommodations) online play offers great convenience.


Although there are many different bets and rules to playing craps, most can be found on the internet so instead of giving you a brief lesson, here are some little tips you might find interesting about craps…


When at a craps table NEVER say the word seven – it is considered bad luck and bad form.


Opposite sides of the dice (top and bottom) will always add up to 7. Adjacent sides will never add up to seven.


Different kinds of dice made from sheep’s knuckles and with varying numbers have been found at archeological dig sites.


The best bet in the casino (with the smallest or no house edge) is on a craps table.


There are 40 possible bets on a craps table, many of which have terrible odds.


And finally, craps is an easier game than it might seem, so next time you’re up for some craps check out the craps table!