John Patrick's Advanced Craps
The Sophisticated Player's Guide to Winning


  • John Patrick's Advanced Craps : The Sophisticated Player's Guide to Winning ~  
    John Patrick  /  Paperback  /  Published 1995

    I am an avid craps player. I am an advocate of the "Patrick" system. This
    system has enabled me to win at the craps table approximately 95% of the
    time. The 5% of the time when I loose, I loose small. (discipline) The
    only time that I don't win, is because I incorrectly charted the tables. I
    will destroy a hot table, a warm table, a cool table, and a cold table. The
    "choppy" table eats my lunch. I have been told by more than one casino that
    they don't care for my style of play. Once I ask the dealer if I am doing
    anything against the rules of the table or the rules of the house, they
    usually leave me alone. I am not intimidated by them. Occasionally, a
    sharp dealer will recognize my play, and will actually complement me on my
    style of play. (I call this a sharp dealer because, I will always favor
    this dealer with tips and several action rolls "for the boys"). Probably
    more than 99.99% of the other players at the table look at me funny and
    comment "you sure are betting weird". I just respond "you just watch your
    stack of chips, and I'll watch mine". They will be digging for more money,
    while my stack just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  I have all three of his
    books, and have read and re-read them no less than 20 times. I am a student
    of the game, and would consider myself to be extremely good at the tables.
    I am patient, have discipline, always compute the odds for each and every
    bet, and also consider the trends at the table. 

    Stewart Simpson

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