Dice Control for Casino Craps
Yuri Kononenko


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Dice Control for casino Craps - the "Bible" for dice influencers.

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About the Author
Yuri Kononenko is a russian-born gambler. By education he is a hydro-mechanical engineer with diploma from Moscow University. He has an extensive background in mathematics, physics, classical and mathematical logic, philosophy and kung-fu.

Book Description
First book on modern dice control. This 1998 original classic was written by the father of modern dice control, Yuri Kononenko, 4 years before other books on dice control including Sharpshooter-Scoblete material.

The book teaches how to control the perfect dice on casino dice tables to change the odds in favor of a player and come out a winner in a long run. Dice control makes craps a game of skill. The book is written for beginners and experienced players.

Written with unsurpassed clarity and attention to minute detail this fundamental 161 pages work includes 29 chapters, 54 photographs, 31 drawings, 24 tables and one diagram. Learn theory, 2 methods and 2 elements of dice control and its application to the game of craps. Learn theory of controlled throw including 2 basic principles and 8 characteristics. Learn the art of controlled throwing including 3 stages of throwing; 7 professional dice grips; 3 correct dice pick-ups; 2 ways of throwing; 2 correct body stances; correct hip, upper body, shoulder, elbow, thumb, finger and wrist movements for controlled throwing. Learn coordination of all movements and execution of controlled throw. Learn correct training exercises for dice grips, dice pick-ups, coordination of all movements and 8 characteristics of controlled throw. Learn theory of dice arrangements including 6 correct dice sets for dice control. Learn how to combine dice pick-ups and dice arrangements and set the dice in! 1 second. Learn correct betting for dice control including 16 advantageous for a player bets. Learn expected long-run win, likely win and a risk. Learn connection between correct bet size and risk. Learn dice control troubleshooting including 8 possible problems and ways to correct them instantly and much much more!

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