Get the Edge at Craps: How to Control the Dice! (Scoblete Get-The-Edge Guide)
by Sharpshooter, Frank Scoblete

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About the Author
Sharpshooter writes under a pen name because many casinos would be unhappy if they knew he employed his remarkable techniques at their tables. He is known among craps-playing aficionados as one of the greatest "dice controllers" or "rhythmic rollers" in the world. He is an engineer, grounded in math and physics, who knows his way around the casino as well as he knows his way around mathematical theorems.

Book Description
This is the book craps players have been waiting for! For the first time ever, the casino’s worst nightmare, the amazing player known as "Sharpshooter," reveals his secrets for getting the edge at craps — how to control the dice when you shoot in order to reduce the appearance of certain numbers (the 7!) and increase the appearance of other numbers.

If you learn Sharpshooter’s methods of dice control or "rhythmic rolling," craps becomes not only a beatable game but a money maker for the player!

Here’s what this amazing book will teach you:
• How to Set the Dice: You will learn how to arrange the dice before you shoot to maximize the numbers you want and/or minimize the 7.
• How to Grip the Dice: You will learn how to minimize "release drag" and "finger friction."
• How to Deliver the Dice: You will learn how to utilize the "3-Cs" of delivering the dice and learn how to take advantage of a 45 degree launch angle to minimize bounce.


Reviewer: Jake from Mcmurray, Pa. United States
A must read for anybody who really wants achance to beat the game. The only way you could possibly learn more about throwing dice would be to attend one of his seminars. I've attend two of those and still learned things from the book. This is not your ordinary learn to play craps book. This book is enlightening and if you practice the methods you can perform at the dice tables like you never had before. Truly the ultimate book on playing craps.

Reviewer: A reader from New Jersey
Frank Scoblete mentions in his foreword that Sharpshooter has picked up where the Captain of craps has left off. After reading this book TWICE already I have to agree. The only way to beat craps is through controlled shooting, or, as Scoblete calls it, rhythm rolling. Sharpshooter goes into every aspect of how to do this. You learn about the proper grip, the proper dice sets, and how to gently throw the dice so that your sets stay in order. I have to say this book is right up there with Scoblete's book Forever Craps because Sharpshooter is talking about real ways to get an edge on the casinos and not just betting systems. This is a must read for anyone who is the least bit serious about craps. In my opinion, it's an instant classic.

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