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The Craps Underground: The Inside Story of How Dice Controllers Are Winning Millions from the Casinos
by Frank Scoblete

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About the Author
Frank Scoblete is the number-one best-selling gaming author in America, with sixteen books, three audiotapes, three videotapes, and his own imprint, the "Scoblete Get-the-Edge Guides," to his credit. Frank has written about all the casino games, but his passion is craps. His first book, Beat the Craps Out of the Casinos, is the best-selling craps book of all time, and it started savvy players thinking about dice control. His follow-up books, The Captain’s Craps Revolution and Forever Craps, solidified his position as the nation’s greatest authority on the game.

Frank is the executive director of Golden Touch Craps dice-control seminars, and he has served as a consultant for CNN, TBS, Walter Cronkite, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, Silicon Gaming, and IGT. He writes for over forty of gaming’s top newspapers and magazines, including Casino Player, Midwest Gaming and Travel, Jackpot, Atlantic City Weekly, Gaming South, Southern Gaming and Destinations, Fun ’N Games, and Heart of America Casino News. Frank does a weekly radio show from Memphis, Tennessee, The Goodtimes Show on WMC-AM 790.

Frank lives in New York with his wife, Alene Paone. He has two grown sons.

Book Description
The dream of every casino gambler is to get the edge over the house. But few ever do. This book is about those few. Variously called dice controllers, controlled shooters, precision shooters, or rhythmic rollers, they have won millions from the casinos at the game of craps by mastering a simple concept but a highly advanced skill: if you can alter the outcome of a dice roll, you can shift the odds in your favor. When these pioneers take the dice into their hands, they create magic and money.

Their amazing true stories are told for the first time by Frank Scoblete, casino gaming’s greatest writer, whose own adventures at the craps tables will also thrill and enlighten you.

Go behind the scenes to:

- Discover what happens when Frank Scoblete, Dominator, and Sharpshooter challenge the casinos for an A&E television special

- Learn why the Captain, Jimmy P., and the Arm were blacklisted by an Atlantic City casino

- Share the conflicts and controversies surrounding the formation of Golden Touch Craps, the most comprehensive dice-control course ever offered to the public

- Experience the record-setting seven-hour roll of Frank Scoblete and Beau Parker at Treasure Island in Las Vegas

- Join Frank on a sixteen-day marathon of craps play as he takes on the Las Vegas casinos

- And much more . . .

They live the dream!

In a revealing, no-holds-barred style, America’s best-selling gambling author shares the exciting inside story of the new advantage players. Through practice, discipline, and patience, they have triumphed over the "unbeatable" game of craps and won millions in casinos all across America. In The Craps Underground, you’ll meet:

The Captain, the legendary father of the modern dice-control movement—the man who discovered the secret to winning at craps

The Arm, the woman with the miraculous "knuckleball" roll—perhaps the greatest dice controller of all time

The Lee brothers, who quit their day jobs to become the leaders of an eccentric team of high-rolling professional craps players

The remarkable Dominator, who left the waning world of expert blackjack play to became one of the world’s best dice controllers

Sharpshooter, the engineer whose scientific studies have turned controlled shooting into an art form

Jerry "Long Arm" Patterson, the controversial author and systems seller who created the very first dice-control course

Dr. Richard McCall, AKA the Samurai Shooter, a fifth-degree black belt, psychologist, author, and futures trader who has won more than $1 million at craps

Howard "Rock ’n’ Roller" Newman, physical therapist and world-class artist by day, casino surgeon by night

You’ll also meet Bob "Mr. Finesse" Convertito, Billy "the Kid" Stansfield, Jerry "Stickman" Stich, Street Dog, and others who all share one thing in common—the ability to beat the casinos at their own game!

Join in the adventure as dice-controlling craps players take on the casinos—and win!

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