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Roulette Fortune Bookie
by Serena Lee Ng

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 Close to perfect, May 9, 2004
Reviewer: daphers3 from Middle Island, New York United States
This is a no nonsense book that gets right to the point...WINNING. With the 14 number and the 8 number strategies, you almost cant lose. And by combining strategies and predictions, there are countless ways to win. My wife and I used these strategies in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, after doing the appropriate research of tracking over 200 actual spins, and the results were amazing. The only negative aspect of the book is that it takes a lot of time to MEMORIZE.... Pit boses don't like winners who bring the book to the table if you know what I mean. By just picking a few of our favorite numbers, we were able to wait and hunt for our winners. Good Luck.... it always helps.

 An interesting insight to the roulette game, April 7, 2004
Reviewer: Keith Cooke from Charlotte, North Carolina USA
Serena Lee Ng has put some very interesting research into her book, the Roulette Fortune Bookie. I have begun testing it against a variety of different databases and casinos. The system that she presents, the 14-number approach in particular, is amazing. I have found, that like most roulette systems, you should only plan to play in the short-term at best, as the house edge in roulette will grind you down over an extended playing session. The recommendations that Serena present are right on the money.

Although each spin of the roulette wheel will yield mutually independent results, patterns do form in the game. Serena's analysis allows you to prey on these patterns and get the maximum profit from the game, or in the worst case scenario, allows your bankroll to last much longer than it would have if you were playing "on the fly".

The book provides real insight, and great advice, and that, coupled with her website and excellent customer service make this book a MUST HAVE.

Good luck, although you may not need luck with the information provided in Roulette Fortune Bookie!

 One of the most useful working system on roulette, November 15, 2003
Reviewer: Master Yazdani from Singapore
All I can say is that the content inside is definitely worth a lot more than the cost of this book. The author, Serena Lee Ng, reveals her 14-number and 8-number signature groups based on her 7 years of experience in playing roulette.

What is unique with her system is that you will need to "pre-qualify" the table & dealer before playing. If the table is good then you play, otherwise you will have to move to another table. Exceptionally oriental approach of winning & her unconventional teaching defies all mathematical logic!

She has her own website (which is mentioned in her book) showing you further examples on how to use her signature systems. You will need to access her site for supplementary & updated information which are extras.

I give it a 5* because Serena's system has been tried & proven positively by many on Gambler's Glen Message Board. She also gives excellent support to her customers & she has replied to every one of my emails so far!

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