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Gamble to Win: Roulette
by R. D. Ellison

Ellison Wins Again!, August 31, 2002

Reviewer: Mark Larson from Menlo Park, CA United States
Ever since having read R.D. Ellison's "Gamble to Win Craps", I have considered it to be the very best of the 20 or so books that I have read on the subject. This changed when I read his new (May 2002) offering - "Gamble to Win Roulette".

This book succeeds on two very important levels if your intention is to win at roulette. Firstly, it contains a method of bet placement and money management termed 3Q/A Reverse Select that has been subjected to 7,500 actual casino spins, which resulted in a player advantage of 7.94%. For the price of printing and postage ($4.00) the author will send you the specific results of these spins. Does it work? This reviewer intends to find out. Secondly, as in his craps book, there is a wealth of practical advice from someone who has "been there and done that". It is the flipside of the coin (so to speak) for success - the realistic application of the method, which includes player psychology, getting started, playing the Internet, to name but a few.

If you believe that a sure way to succeed at anything is to emulate those who have succeed before you, and replicate their actions while heeding their advice - buy this book! I believe that the blueprint for success at gambling is contained within Ellison's book. If that is goal - buy it now!

 Tried works!, June 24, 2002
Reviewer: Mark (see more about me) from Milwaukee WI
I have played Roulette and found that the house has that 5.26 edge that really hits you. Then I found this book and it is extreamly amazing. It was tested using Spin Roulette Gold a book that tracked over 3000 live internet decisions at actual tables in Vegas. I kept track of my winnings and starting out with 100 bucks I got up to 700 bucks within 3 hours of playing time. I had such an edge it was amazing. As a matter of fact, I am afraid that once the word gets out about this book they will have to change the rules of roulette because you will empty the tables bank. So a suggestion if you use this book to generate income, dont be greedy: play on different supervisor shifts and dont play using big denominations or you will draw attention to yourself and the casino will start to watch and see what you are doing. Remember..your gain is the casinos loss and there is no one that likes to lose money. Go ahead. Test it yourself. Have any tracking cards from when you played roulette at a casino? Go over the decisions you wrote down. Or get the roulette tester or Spin Roulette Gold book by Scobette and test it with that. See for yourself. Im going to vegas with this book and Im going to start making bank deposits.

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