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The following is a short-listing of quick roulette tips. These tips are meant as a supplement to basic roulette strategy. Follow these roulette tips for some general roulette guidelines and a bit of advice from experienced roulette players.
- Remember to quit while you're ahead. Don't lose all your winnings just because you're feeling lucky. Casinos thrive because luck doesn't last.
- Find a table with limits you're comfortable with. Each roulette table should have its minimum and maximum bets clearly posted.
- Cash in your chips before you leave. Roulette chips are usually colored chips that cannot be used in other areas of the casino.
- Don't be influenced by previous results. The odds of finding a biased wheel are extremely small.
- Play single zero wheels if you can find them. They are very rare in American casinos but easily found online and in other parts of the world.
- Never play the five number bet, 0-00-1-2-3. This bet has the worst odds on the roulette table.
- Search for casinos that offer the surrender rule (or en prison rule) for even money bets. This rule significantly cuts the house advantage.
- There are lots of roulette strategies but none of them can eliminate the house advantage.
- The most efficient roulette betting strategies aim to win more money in fewer spins. In the long run the casino always has the advantage.
- Find a roulette system that you like and go with it.  
- Don't increase your bets to make up for loses. This is always a bad betting strategy.

How to win at roulette