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  When determining your roulette odds you must take certain factors into account. The most important is whether the roulette wheel has a double zero slot. Most roulette wheels in the United States have both a zero and double zero. Under standard U.S. roulette rules the house edge is 5.26% for double zero wheels, except for the 0-00-1-2-3 bet which has a house edge of 7.89%.  
  Single zero roulette wheels can be commonly found online and outside of the United State. The odds for a single number changes from 1/38 to 1/37 on single zero tables. This drops the house edge to 2.70%. In standard U.S. casinos these tables are generally only found in high roller rooms.  
  The table below shows the roulette odds and payouts for the possible roulette bets:  
Bet Payout Double Zero Probability Single Zero Probability
Red 1:1 47.37% 48.65%
Black 1:1 47.37% 48.65%
Odd 1:1 47.37% 48.65%
Even 1:1 47.37% 48.65%
1 to 18 1:1 47.37% 48.65%
19 to 36 1:1 47.37% 48.65%
1 to 12 2:1 31.58% 32.43%
13 to 24 2:1 31.58% 32.43%
25 to 36 2:1 31.58% 32.43%
Any one number 35:1 2.63% 2.70%
Two number combination 17:1 5.26% 5.40%
Three number combination 11:1 7.89% 8.11%
Four number combination 8:1 10.53% 10.81%
Six number combination 5:1 15.79% 16.22%
0,00,1,2,3 combination 6:1 13.16% NA
  There are several variations of the "en prison" rule that also affect the house edge. In Atlantic City all even money bets follow a variation of this rule. In the event the ball lands in 0 or 00 the player will lose only half of any even money bet. This lowers the house edge to 2.63% on these bets. This rule does not apply on single zero wheels. On single zero roulette tables using the European "en prison" rule the house edge drops to somewhere between 1.35% and 1.39% for even money bets depending on the variation of the rule. This rule does not affect non even money bets.  

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