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The following is a review of the book:
Beat the Craps Out of the Casinos: How to Play Craps and Win! (Revised Edition) (Paperback)

This book and FOREVER CRAPS are similar in content, however, this book is aimed more toward beginners. But since they are similar, I will say the same thing for this book that I said about FOREVER CRAPS.

One thing that all the skeptics out there need to understand is that Scoblete doesn't claim that the 5 count system used on completely random rollers will win in the long run. As a matter of fact, Scoblete would be one of the first people to admit this. The only time that a person can obtain an edge on the house is when he(or she) is either setting the dice, or is betting on someone else who is setting the dice(people otherwise known as "ryhmic rollers"). This is what he practices and preaches.

He suggests the five count to SAVE you money more than WIN you money. Trust me. When the the table turns ice cold, you will thank the five count as it will save you a lot of money for not betting on those bad rollers and quick seven outs, giving you the extra money you need to invest on the dice setters. When the table turns hot, the five count will help you find those dice setting rhythmic rollers who have found their groove.

For all you amatuer theorists out there that claim that "Nobody can really influence the dice! It's impossible!" I feel very very sorry for you because you are ignorant in the fact that it has been INDESPUTABLY AND MATHEMATICALLY PROVEN that people have and still are controlling the dice by obtaining a sevens to rolls ratio of 1 to 7 or higher(when the ratio for random rollers is 1 to 6) which gives those players and everyone else who bets on them A MATHEMATICAL EDGE OVER THE HOUSE IN THE LONG RUN!!! If you are still arguing against this concept, that just shows that you are obviously not educated enough on the game of craps or the concept of kinematics and projectile motion to offer your opinions on the matter. So before you start arguing with a Physicist about projectile motion or telling a mathematician that 2 + 2 is not equal to 4, do your homework first and protect yourself from getting embarressed online in front of thousands of people for your half-brained opinions.

In conclusion, if you are a recreational craps player, or a serious gambler, you need this book and FOREVER CRAPS. There is no other way to obtain an edge over the house at craps in the long run without Scoblete's and the Captain's strategy other than cheating. Learn the 5 count, bet smart, and learn to set and control the dice effectively. It will win you money in the long run. I would bet my life on it because it has been mathematically proven and it is indesputable.

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