Dear Richard
I only have 1 question regarding the  "Craps WSS" that I don't know the answer to and only you can answer for me if you would please.
As show in the jpegs pictures in the body of this email
 When playing the "WSS" and I have established my place bet # 9 after the come out roll and then proceed to established 2 don't come bets on # 10 + # 4 with a third bet then placed in the DC box waiting to be established AND THEN I win my place bet # 9 on the NEXT ROLL which at the same moves my DC box bet to that # 9  don't come position WHAT DO I DO NEXT see Question!
DO I REMOVE THAT BET ON # 9 don't come position before the next new come out roll is made.
As far as I can see if I don't take down that # 9 don't come bet and leave it up, and then on the next come roll a # 9 is thrown I would lose that bet but if I take it down first it is not up their to be lost.
Sorry about these questions I just don't won't to play like a dork anymore I have lost enough money already not using my head.
Thank you for your TIME,PATIENCE AND GUIDANCE! You have answered my other questions very clearly and I am in no doubt as to how to proceed!!!


In a message dated 4/5/2005 9:17:32 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:
hi richard
recieved your systems the other day...i have been testing the 200 dollar an hour system against my crap tester book...its doing very well on all kinds of tables.
question on roulette...
i dont imagine it matters which side of the dozens that you other words can you use the dozens going up and down which say 2-1 at the bottom as well as the dozens facing the side of the table as long as you stick with whichever ones you choose???





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