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Frequently asked questions:

1. How does your system differ from the others.  There are so many out there and they all make the same claims.
The roulette system was developed on a computer using an artificial intelligence program. The program found that when bets are placed in a certain area of the layout based on the previous result and when the wager amounts are varied, more of the lower wagers are the losing ones and more of the high wagers are the winning ones. This causes an unfair advantage to the player.
2. Are the claims and testimonials realistically achievable?
Yes. All claims are based on actual casino play. All testimonials are unsolicited and are the real and genuine experiences of the respective players.
3. Tell me why to buy it as opposed to another system.
Most systems are not reliable performers. In all of my years of gambling research and study, I have found 11 other roulette systems to be consistent, reliable, profitable performers. All 11 of these systems are part of my private roulette collection that I enjoy using on a regular basis.  After you place your order, send me an email to remind me and I'll send you a copy of all of these systems in my private collection with my compliments.
4. Can it be used at any Casino.
Yes. The system can be used at any casino in the world.
5. Can it be used at On-line Casinos.
None of the systems have been adequately tested or proven effective as of yet for online use with internet casinos.  All of my systems are developed using actual results from real casino experiences.  I have received mostly good feedback from players who have tried the internet casinos.  It seems that it may depend on the individual casino's software programs. Gambling online is against the law where I live. Personally, I do find it hard to trust internet-based casinos and have decided to continue to limit my play to real casinos.
6. Does the fee include all the horse racing systems.
7. If so are these systems applicable to the Australian racing scene. 
8. My wife doesn't know about this so I shall need to pay by money order, is this possible.  How do I go about purchasing these systems via money order.
To pay via money order, obtain an international money order payable in U.S. Dollars.  This can be obtained in your country from your local Western Union office.  
As soon as your order is received, your order will be sent to you without delay.
9. Do the horse racing systems require a particular starting bank.
No. It's all quite relative. The less you bet, the less your winnings are.
10. I am extremely interested.  I love the thought of obtaining a few extra dollars.  I would love to be able to ditch my job and do this full time or semi-full time.
11. Tell me more.
If you are looking for more information on understanding casino games and how to play casino games, then I would recommend one of the fine books on casino gambling at your local bookstore  --  but if you already know how to play blackjack, craps, etc . . .  and want to find-out the killer strategies and systems the pros use at the table, then I can provide you with that valuable information.

I have studied all casino games for years and watched the pros. I put the best and most profitable gaming strategies and methods I have learned together into one package I am now offering you. For info on the various methods, please visit our website  -- As soon as you place your order, all of the details of the various strategies, systems and methods will be revealed to you instantly online, via Internet download. 

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