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Don't laugh this money management method off until you have really tested it.
Look at the "rec-gambling-craps" message board where extensive tests on the
method were tried on craps about 18 months ago. It has been tested and proven
on roulette and baccarat as well.
Simply put: you are betting that four consecutive bets in four different games
will at some point show a change to the opposite.
The following example is for roulette:
If you want to bet green chips you need a bank of $2,700
If the last spin was Red you bet that there will be a change of colour within
the next 4 spins.
Bet 1 unit on Black.
If it wins ok you have finished the series.
If Red won again you bet 2 units on Black, lose so bet 4 units, lose so bet 8
If you lose all 4 bets then you change tables.
You begin a new sequence based on the last winning spin of the new table say
this is Red again so you bet on Black.
Your sequence now is 2 units, 3 units, 6 units, 12 units.
If no change of colour occurs then you change tables once again.
As before, you bet for a change of colour based on the last spin on this new
The new betting sequence is:
3 units, 4 units, 8 units, 16 units.
The 4th sequence (final sequence) is:
4 units, 5 units, 10 units, 20 units.
Every time you win your bet you go back to the beginning.
This is a boring way to play but it does work although you will occasionally
find yourself in a really deep hole and it takes a lot of playing to get ahead
Hello Richard,
Thank you for the two betting suggestions. I went to the Internet for the "rec-gambling-craps" but I didn't found the test results? Can you be so kind and give me more detailed information how to get to the test results? Thanks. The Patient's man system I would call Superstition system but I know a guy who was always betting opposite what came on neighbour's table and with a weak progression he won 70% of the time. That's why I am superstitious about the system. I would like to test it.
The Basic system is an old idea probably started by Avant Dernier. I use it for more than 20 years. It is not bad idea for roulette, craps and baccarat, but not good at all for BJ. You can use it successfully only if you have two options. By BJ you cannot play with the dealer against player. It fits best the roulette's simple chances as black/red, even/odd & small/big because you have 3 choices. You write down on paper even/odd and small/big. The colors you can clearly see on board. There will be always one of them going good with that system, one will be about average and one will go against you. Choose that one which does series or you can jump from one to another if doubles repeats on some of them. You can even switch to play the doubles if you want. Playing with the table what comes last you catch all doubles and series. The only enemies will be zick-zacks. The kamikaze senior could come in play?
Do you have more stuff to improve for me?
By the way, I am checking the Target Roulette. The guy didn't lie when he said that he win 95% of the time. He is a gambling genius. Do you know him? I would like to contact him. He could give us more good ideas. I just changed his betting system and it look as almost unbeatable system. You would have to lose 30 times in row to lose your bankroll. Theoretically, yes; practically, impossible. When I am finished with the testings, I will explain the amendments to you - but you have to promise me that you will not sell the system to anybody! It will be too precious system to sale. The less people will know it the longer you can play and exploit it. It will be a secret roulette system for a few chosen. But I need to do more checking and get results to be sure that nothing slips off.
You didn't explained to me the Trio Play Roulette yet, probably you have difficult time with that wild bettings, too? I am still lost with the betting explanations.
Do you know something about Andruchi Roulette System?
Have a constructive dreams.

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