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I had my first session last Saturday.  I came away with $2200 profit.
It was quite exciting because I went with my wife, telling her that I had a plan.  To then come away with a profit impressed her because i had made that statement.
I must admit I was apprehensive, especially as I lost a few  mini-games early on.
I exercised great self control and left after reaching what I thought to be an acceptable amount.
I have some questions though.  Hopefully you can assist me.
1. My first session was more productive than the second.  I left this first table, not wanting to push my luck.  Should I have stayed.
2. The second table, whilst not as productive as the first, was showing an alarming amount of high numbers.  I didn't experience this on the first table.  Should I have gone back to the first table.
3. I lost my nerve, in a way, and decided to go home with a profit.  Was this smart or should I have rammed home my advantage.
4. I was thrown into a panic when I first played.  Is this typical.
5. All up the sessions entailed 550 spins for 440 units of profit.  Is this typical of what I can expect in the future or should I expect less or more.
6. On a couple of occasions I initiated a "stop play" at +10 instead of +12.  Lack of nerve I suppose.  I have since come home and gone over my record of the games and am entertaining the thought of initiating a "stop play" even earlier, eg. on +7 or +8.  What are you thoughts, am I a wimp or is it just a lack of confidence at this point in time.
7. I thoroughly enjoy playing Roulette.  I have read your Craps systems but find Craps confusing.  Is it worth me learning more about it so that I can play it.  Or should I stick to Roulette.
8. Which is the most profitable system, and as above, should I be playing that one instead.
9. Some of your "what people are saying" comments refer to On-Line Casinos.  I am aware that this is played using RNG's.  In principle it should all be the same.  What are your opinions regarding this, and if favourable do you have any suggestions as to a reputable one.
10. Getting back to Roulette, is it feasible, once my initial bank roll has doubled, to then double my bets on that same table, go to another higher minimum bet table or to wait until another day to increase.
11. Obviously I can't expect to have profitable sessions every time (or can I), what sort of wining/losing ratio can I reasonably expect.
Finally, so far so good, thank you.  One night, two small sessions and a $2200 profit.  Hopefully this wasn't a fluke and my next sessions will be as productive, if not better.

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