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 Question from erick6619
Item: Goldmine Roulette System Gambling Strategy ( Tips ) 
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Im very much interested in making serious money other than working 9-5pm.

I want to make $1000 a week if possible.

Is it possible to win that much using your system?

can i rely on your system to win long term?

will i get eventually banned from the casino if i continue to win money?



        Thank you for your message. In response to your questions... Yes, it is very much possible to make $1000/week and many of my clients have reported using my system successfully over the long term. Eventually, you probably will get banned from a casino if you're not careful. It's happened to me more than once. That's why I recommend limiting your play to no more than an hour or two at one table before taking a break, switching tables or switching casinos all together. The whole purpose being to avoid looking like a regular winner. If the casino does notice you winning, you want them to think that you just got lucky.

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