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Roulette Gambling. A professional player now reveals roulette gambling secrets. Proven winning roulette gambling strategies the casinos don't want you to know. New strategy ideas from professional player Richard Graham give you a breakthrough edge at beating the house at a much lower risk than other gaming strategies. Beat the casino on your next trip. We found your strategy maximized our wins and minimized the losses.

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Hi Richard
Thank you for the roulette system. 
We have checked this out at several casinos and it has worked very well. Also internet casinos. What do you think about these sites. Do you think they are genuine or could they be a bit dodgy??? We have not played with any real money yet, as we have lost on these internet sites in the past using other systems.
Could the system lose do you think on these sites. Do you know anyone who has tried & failed on them??
The other question i have got is when you get to a minus situation eg: -6 do you think we could be better stopping at -5 which seemed to work better for us or do you think we would be better sticking to the -6 which you recommend.
We are looking forward to playing on the system for real money, but we are a bit apprehensive as we have lost money before using different roulette systems. As far as i can see looking at the system, i cannot see how you can come out on a losing run as this is so clever. Is there any way that the casino can beat this system.
We are playing on a european wheel so we are at an advantage as we only have one zero
I look forward to your reply.
Dave Adams

Hello Dave Adams,

Thanks for your message.  In response to your question, none of the systems have been adequately tested or proven effective as of yet for online use with internet casinos.  All of my systems are developed using actual results from real casino experiences.  I have received mostly good feedback from players who have tried the internet casinos.  It seems that it may depend on the individual casino's software programs. Gambling online is against the law where I live. Personally, I do find it hard to trust internet-based casinos and have decided to continue to limit my play to real casinos.
Some people feel more comfortable stopping at -5. You're not the first one to suggest this. I've actually tried it both ways and havn't noticed much of a difference in the long run either way. 
In response to your question about whether of not there is anyway the casino can beat this system . . .  Part One of the system is critical to it's success, and there seems to be a question of whether or not some roulette wheels have been thrown way off balance with respect to how often the dozens repeat and change.  Although over the long term you should have an equal number of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd dozens appearing regardless of the wheel, the order in which the dozens appear is the key!  This system depends on the dozens naturally taking turns coming-up and not repeating as often in order to show a profit, as is seen in a normal and balanced roulette wheel.

However, if you find that the roulette wheel you're playing is out of balance and is repeating dozens often, that's good news.  Because that simply means that the dozens are biased to repeat frequently, and all you have to do to show a profit in that situation is to modify the system a bit  --  bet the opposite of the system.  This technique works well on wheels that are out of balance and will change your losses into wins!
I have attached to this email the best and most profitable roulette systems from my private collection for you.  Please download and enjoy these winning strategies and systems from my private collection with my compliments.
Have a great week!

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