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Hi Richard.....thanks for getting back to me. I got offline as soon as I wrote ya yesterday and this is my first time online today.
Let me say , if your systems are as good as your superfast rely (13 minutes), then I will be much impressed like I am to your relpy......fantastic!
I would really like to gamble for a living as I am 45 and tired of painting houses just to live.
I would mainly be gambling online but with an occassional trip to the landbased casinos also. Is this system great at online?
Can I really make a living at you Goldmine Roulette?
anyways, as soon as I send this to ya, I am going to order the Complete Online Package.
feel free to send me any other gambling system that you see as a winner....thanks again, Tony
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Sent: Monday, November 14, 2005 12:37 AM
Subject: Tony: Re: question

Hello Tony, 
Thank you for your message.  In response to your questions, none of the systems have been adequately tested or proven effective as of yet for online use with internet casinos.  All of my systems are developed using actual results from real casino experiences.  I have received mostly good feedback from players who have tried the internet casinos.  It seems that it may depend on the individual casino's software programs. Gambling online is against the law where I live. Personally, I do find it hard to trust internet-based casinos and have decided to continue to limit my play to real casinos. And yes, not only is it possible to make a living gambling, but alot of people are already doing it. Making your living as a professional gambler is a personal decision. One must also possess confidence, and the right knowledge.   

I have attached to this email the best and most profitable roulette systems from my private collection for you.  Please download and enjoy these winning strategies and systems from my private collection with my compliments.
Have a wonderful day!
Best Regards,

In a message dated 11/14/2005 2:13:33 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

Hi Richard.......Thanks for giving me your honest opinion. As for all the FREE attatchments, what can I say? thank you, thank you, thank you. You sure did not need to do this as they all cost you money and time so this kinda tells the kind of person you are. One who really wants the simple man as myself get away from that crazy 9-5, my case 7-3. You sound like your favorite game is Roulette. If you don't mind, which one of all the systems you sent me are your top 2-3 including the Golmine Roulette? I havn't had the chance to look at them cuz I am trying to get my printer back running and I can't figure it out.

Here is the least I can do and send you a system I bought not long ago but I'm not that crazy about it. Maybe you can enjoy it.
thanks again...



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