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Without Reservation : How a Controversial Indian Tribe Rose to Power and Built the World's Largest Casino
by Jeff Benedict (Author)

Book Review by:   veno007 from San Diego, CA United States

I started reading this book in Borders and was compelled to buy it, because I had to find the justice or the "all is well" at the end of this story...unfortunately the story has not ended as Benedict states. I am a full blooded Native American and believe in the rights of all natives in this country, however I also believe that latching onto "native-americanism" as a means to gain what little goodness comes our way is the lowest form of greed. It makes my skin crawl. I don't think Benedict could give a more compelling detail of the events that took place. I believe every Native American law class should read this book, in hopes that we one day bring the truth to light and force the wrong doers to admit their pretenses or lack of better judgment. The rise of this said tribe reminds me of another crazy true story, the story of the only King of San Francisco. He existed because everybody played along to this man's statement that he was a prince of England and declared himself the King of San Francisco. He got many priveleges because people LET HIM!! I recommend this book to those who don't have anything important to do the next day. I was so angry midway through the book I couldn't go to sleep til' 1am and had to get up at 4am. Now that's a book for you!! - Purchase this book online at Amazon.


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