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Living Trusts
A Living Trust is the Cure for the Agony of Probate. Don't Let Them Steal Your Children's Inheritance! The law has provided everyone with a magic key to probate exemption, it's called "inter vivos trust" or a "living trust".  With a Living Trust, you can pass on your assets to your spouse or children or other heirs in entirety - without delay, and without the lawyers, administrators, courts, or the appraisers skimming off from the top.
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     Revocable living trust forms California probate free information sample revokable family document.

Download printable free legal forms software for California, Florida and Texas. Real estate contracts and agreements for US business online.

Family Will Forms Kit - Making a Legal Living Last Will and Testament Document
Protect your assets from lawsuits, judgments, creditors, IRS, and garnishments with an asset protection kit.
     Free limited general durable power of attorney for health care sample POA document forms.
    Form a Nevada corporation forming a new articles of incorporation services small business forms company information LLC self learn about incorporating online incorporate yourself
Asset protection from long term nursing home care costs. Compare and review abuse, neglect, and negligence as defined by attorneys and lawyers in Minnesota, New Jersey, Texas, Florida, Michigan and Illinois.  Insurance regulation and information directory.