Hi Everyone,
If you are going to purchase a roulette system I think the first thing we should ask the seller if his system it a MATHEMATICAL OR MECHANICAL SYSTEM if its the first one I would have my doubts as I dont think there is a winning MATHEMATICAL SYSTEM OUT THERE INCLUDING OURS. There have been famouse mechanical roulette players in the past likeWILLIAM NELSON DARNBOROUGH WHO USED TO TRACK THE WHEEL AND MADE 415,000 DOLLARS IN 1904-1911 SO MY POINT IS ROULETTE HAS BEEN BEATEN. I do not think you could get away with tracking a wheel today as you would have to spend hours and thousands of spins to find a biased wheel if there was, the casino would pick it up and rectify it quickly with the modern software, and they would change the wheels around from time to time to confuse you. The modern day tracker studies the wheel on the spot to find a consistant wheel speed, and looks for a rotor release number the number of ball revolutions to the rotor, number of pockets travelled on the rotor, the final resting number in order to predict where the ball will land or find a dealers signature or a five pocket sector and lays his bets as quickly as he can before no more bets are called out.
The roulete systems that I have bought have taught me nothing as in my first year as a player I was shocked to find that I had tried out basically what they sold me to my disgust, If it says a secret bet or secret system run a mile there is no such thing. I have used two double street bets that have been sleeping up to five to ten spins, I have bet on a dozen or column that has been sleeping for five spins I have bet on trending black/red /high/low/odd/even I have bet on a trending single street I have bet on sleeping and trending quads. I tried all this with the famous MARTINGALE I used to win but when you lost you lost big time and had no chance of crawling back. The point is I did all this before these guys sold me systems I had already found myself.
Hi Alice,
I also bet on the columns and dozens more than anything else and have written up my findings after 15000+ recorded spins. I totally agree with you when you say that chasing losses leads to eventually a losing sequence and you lose big time!
However there is a way of negating that if you think about it hard enough. I have seen so many people lose at all the tables I've played at. Why? Because they don't want to leave. They are greedy and always want more. $100 a day ($36,500 annually tax-free) is plenty for me.

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