Playing online bingo is a lot of fun. You can win some really cool prizes, and on the chat you can meet a lot of new people. Chatting is an essential part of online bingo, so knowing how to behave in an online bingo chat is important. Exactly like in real life, there are certain set of rules to follow when playing online bingo.

When using the chat function there is a chat etiquette you should follow: Your nickname must not be offensive in any way. It must not include sexual, racial or ethnical content or consist of foul words.

You must not type in entire CAPS Ė people will think you are shouting and therefor rude. Type an (*) before the word, if you need to emphasize it.

Online Bingo GamblerTreat other bingo players and the chat moderator with respect. Remember that everyone using the chat function in the online bingo room is present because they want to have a good time.

Do not pretend to be someone else and do not talk bad about others.  

Show enthusiasm for other players when they win a bingo game.

Remember that all different kinds of people play online bingo, so be careful not to offend anyone.

Having mentioned all this, itís time to have a lot of fun with online bingo. Surf the Internet, and go for the online bingo site that you find the best one. If you youíre in doubt where to play, you should look for different reviews of the sites. This may save you from bad experiences. Naturally, you should only play at sites with good reviews.

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