The Pivot Roulette System


The Pivot roulette system.

Spend some time at a roulette table prior to commencing play and write
down the winning number of each spin until one number repeats. The repeat
number is your "pivot number" and therefor the number on which you place
your first bet.

Example: 12 23 33 36 29 7 8 12 4

Number 12 is the first repeat number and therefor the "pivot number".
Number 12 will remain the "pivot number" for the next 36 spins in a row
unless it wins.

Bet the same amount on your pivot number for each spin until you either
win or lose at the end of the thirty-sixth spin. A win on a single number
in roulette will pay 35/1, so if your "pivot number" spins up anytime
throughout the 36 spins you will be a winner. (Or break even if it comes
up on the last spin.) Naturally, the earlier your "pivot number" spins
up the better the profits because your profits will decrease with every
spin of the wheel.

When you have a win, stop betting on that "pivot number" and select
another one to start the process over again.

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How To Win At Roulette - Winning roulette system strategy.

Why Does It Work?

It is a fact that numbers on a roulette wheel tend to repeat often. On
average, the same 24 numbers will appear in 36 spins of the wheel. Rarely,
if ever, will all 36 numbers appear in 36 spins.

What does this mean? It means that on average, in 36 spins, you must have
12 repeat numbers. This could be just one repeat of each of the 12 numbers
but it will more than likely be a repeat of few numbers coming up three or
even four times each. This is not theory. It is proven fact derived from
thousands of spins of a roulette wheel. What we have just described
simply keeps on happening over and over again!

It's what's called the theory of uneven distribution. During a short trial
of 36 spins, not all numbers will appear, but certainly over trials of
millions of spins all roulette numbers will even out.

The Pivot roulette system.  Good luck with this system. 

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