Video Poker Terms

Video Poker Terms

Ace-High: A five-card hand containing an ace but no pair; beats a king-high, but loses to any pair or above.
Aces Full: A full house with aces over any pair.
All-In: When a player bets all his or her remaining chips.
Ante: A token bet required before the start of a hand.
Back Door Flush (or Straight): When the last two cards make a player's hand, even though he or she played on the flop for some other reason.
Bankroll: The amount of money you have available to wager.
Belly Buster: A draw to fill an inside straight; a gut shot.
Bet: To voluntarily put money or chips into the pot.
Big Slick: The Ace-King card combination.
Blind Raise: When a player raises without first looking at his or her cards.
Bluff: To bet or raise with a hand that is unlikely to be the best hand.
Boat: Another name for full house.
Broadway: An ace high straight.
Bullet: An Ace.
Bump: To raise.
Bust: A worthless hand that has failed to improve as the player hoped; a busted hand.
Call: To match, rather than raise, the previous bet.
Check: To abstain from betting, reserving the right to call or raise if another player bets. Also another name for a chip.
Cowboy: Slang for a King.
Dead Money: Money put into the pot by players who have already folded.
Draw Out: To improve your hand so that it beats an opponent who had a better hand than yours prior to your draw.
Even Money: A wager in which you hope to win the same amount as you bet.
Fish: A poor player; an amateur who is losing a lot of money.
Fishhooks: Slang for Jacks.
Flop: In flop games, the first three community cards, which are turned face up simultaneously and start the second round of betting.
Flush Draw: Having four cards of the same suit, and hoping to draw a fifth to make a flush.
Four-Flush: Four cards of the same suit, requiring a fifth to make a flush.
Gut-Shot: A card drawn to fill an inside straight.
Hole Card: A card concealed in a player's hand. dictionary definitions
Home Run Hitter: A player who makes big plays that require maximum risk.
Implied Odds: The amount of money you expect to win if you make your hand versus the amount of money it will cost you to continue playing.
Inside Straight: Four cards requiring one in the middle to fill a straight.
Kicker: The highest unpaired side card.
Live One: An inexperienced, bad or loose player who apparently has plenty of money to lose; a rich sucker.
Monster: A hand that is almost certain to win.
Nuts: The best possible hand at any point in the game, a cinch hand.
Odds: The probability of making a hand versus the probability of not making the hand.
Offsuit: Two different suits, used to describe the first two cards.
On The Come: A hand that is drawing to a straight or flush.
On Tilt: Playing poorly, usually because of becoming emotionally upset.
Open-Ended Straight: Four consecutive cards requiring one at either end to make a straight.
Out: A card remaining in the deck that could hopefully improve your hand.
Paint Cards: King, Queen and Jack; face cards; court cards; picture cards.
Pay Off: To call a bet or raise when you don't think you have the best hand.
Picture Cards: King, Queen and Jack; face cards; court cards; paint cards.
Pocket Rockets: A pair of aces in the hole.
Pot: The money or chips in the center of the table.
Rags: Worthless cards; blanks.
Rainbow: Three or four cards of different suits.
Raise: To call and increase the previous bet.
Rank: The value of a card. Each card has a suit and a rank.
Read: To try and determine your opponent's cards or betting strategy.
Running Pair: When the last two cards on the board make a pair.
Scare Card: An up card that looks as though it might have made a strong hand.
Scoop: To win the entire pot.
Semi-Bluff: To bet with a hand which isn't the best hand, but which has a reasonable chance of improving.
Set: Three of a kind; trips (usually applies to a pair in hand and a matching card on board).
Splash Around: To play more loosely than you should.
Suited: Cards of the same suit.
Tapped Out: Broke, busted.
Three Flush: Three cards of the same suit, requiring two more to make a flush.
Triplets: Three of a kind.
Trips: Slang for triplets; three of a kind.
Two Flush: Two cards of the same suit, requiring three more to make a flush.
Two Pair: A hand with two pairs and a kicker.
Underdog: A hand that does not have the best chance of winning before all the cards are dealt.
Wheel: The lowest hand in lowball, Ace-2-3-4-5; also known as a bicycle.
Wild Card: A card designated as a joker, playable as any value.
Wired Pair: A pair in hand.

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Odds: The probability of making a video poker hand versus the probability of not making the hand.

Video Poker Terms