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All gamblers know that casino games have one thing in common: unlike poker, they’re all inherently negative EV games. Poker can be a negative EV game too, but with skill, it can be turned around and players can secure positive EV for themselves. This is though where similarities between various casino games end. You’ll have to tackle the house edge in each and every one of these games, but the size of that house edge varies widely from one game to another.

Take roulette for instance. The small wheel is a tricky one, because various bets on it carry different house edges. While the overall house edge is around 5.3% on the roulette, there are bets on which it can be higher than 7%. Of course, you always want to play with the lowest possible house edge, so reading up a little on the various roulette bets is a must.

The house edge is induced by the 0 and 00 slots on the wheel and it is actually pretty easy to illustrate how it works. You have an equal number of black and red slots on the wheel. All pockets are either red or black, except for the 0 which is green. If you bet on the red/black and the wheel had no “0” slot, the house edge would be 0 and you’d be getting exactly 50-50 odds on your bet. Because when the ball lands on 0 the house wins, your actual odds on the bet will be 49.xx-50.xx, which gives the house a slight advantage. Wheels that feature a 00 pocket too, carry a bigger house edge. It may not be fair to play with these artificially skewed odds, but the house needs to make money too, otherwise it would make no sense for it to set up and operate roulette.

At the roulette table, there’s little you can do without a winning system to further reduce the minimum house edge. You can register with an online casino which offers a rakeback like loyalty scheme (for more info on rake back check out Rakemeback which may give you some rebate on the money you wager.

If you’re looking for smaller house edges though, you should check out slots, video poker or blackjack.

Slot machines offer minute house edges. The casino can afford to feature 98-99% payout rates on slot machines because in the case of this casino game, volume is the key concept. Stuffing 50-100 slot machines into a tight space is possible, and their combined earnings will be considerable even if the individual house edge featured by each machine is small. Use a comp point system to further reduce this already minute house edge.

Video Poker is an extremely interesting game. There’s a thing called “optimal strategy” in video poker. By playing with optimal strategy, you can even turn the house edge around on some of these VP machines. Of course, setting your rakeback like loyalty scheme up makes perfect sense here too.

Blackjack is probably the best known casino game in which player skill can impact the outcome.

There’s a basic strategy in blackjack too, which can reduce the house edge. The house edge can be turned around through card counting techniques, but those are not exactly liked by casinos anywhere, although they’re not illegal either. Unfortunately, card counting is impossible in online casinos which use random number generators to shuffle their decks.

Regardless which casino game you play, your biggest enemy is not the house edge. It is something induced by the house edge, called the house drop. The house drop represents an accumulation of losses caused by the house edge.

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