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During my years of playing craps in the casinos, I've had the opportunity to watch and learn from a few successful dice players - the guys who almost always know when, where and how to bet -   never relying on a hunch, whim or "luck".  

I have conducted research on just about every craps strategy, system and method ever devised.  Can a player recognize a dice pattern and use it to his advantage? Can he exploit the table layout to reduce the chance of a loss?

Now I'm ready to reveal what I have discovered about the game. You will now know what to do on each and every roll of the dice for maximum profits.  

I am offering my strategy secrets of beating the game to you risk-free.
I GUARANTEE THAT YOU WIN, or these proven money makers cost you nothing... not one red cent!

What Players Are Saying:

" THANKS!!!  Your systems are very clever and scientific ..... I've won quite a lot on all of them...Great! "     Steve W. Horley, Surrey, United Kingdom
" Hi Richard, ...thank you again for sharing it. I bet the Field Bet with your progression method and won 270 units. Once again, Thanks! "   Robert Patterson
" I won $1000 in one hour playing the basic Craps system that you included in the packet. Thanks, "    Bob A. Florida
" Dear Mr. Graham,  I use your World's Safest System, and I think  it is the best ever gambling system in the world (I have researched quite a few in the past).  I won so much money using the first part of this system."   Arthur Papikian Moscow, Russia    READ MORE

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    The $200 an Hour System

Here is a simple craps strategy that takes no skill, and only 2 of the same bets each time you play.  Hot and cold cycles occur in craps like no other casino game. This strategy was developed specifically to exploit those patterns. You will recognize a hot table and how to play a hot table for maximum profit.

The writer of this method has never failed to make at least $200 per hour using this strategy.   Now, with this report, you can do the same at any dice table anywhere in the world!  Click Here to place your order and get access to this insider information now.

 Craps payout chart. Craps Payoffs.  The 'Insiders' Craps System

This craps strategy has been kept within the inner circle of casino bangers for years - under a mutual gentlemen's agreement.  We tried the Insiders Craps System on randomized computer print-outs and couldn't come close to losing through 8000 decisions! (Think how long you would have to stand at the tables for 8000 decisions.) We tried it at several casinos in Atlantic City, Vegas, Reno and Tahoe. The damned thing just would not lose! 

With this system:
You won't care if the tables are hot or cold... you still win with this super craps strategy!  A new shooter can throw 3 or 4 or more craps in a row and you win! A new shooter can throw 3 or 4 or more sevens in a row and you still win!  A new shooter rolls a point, and sevens out on the next roll. Shooter after shooter can do this, and you still win!   A shooter can throw 14 passes, or more or less, in a row, and you still win!   A bunch of players in a row, can seven out after any amount of numbers, and you still win! 

Read this report and you'll find out that there is absolutely no roll of the dice that can hurt you with this system!  Click Here to place your order and get access to this insider information now.


Craps strategy  Win-On-Every-Play System

Want to collect on every roll of the dice? Here is how to do it with 4 easy bets. Follow this method exactly and you'll go home a winner everyday! It's not complicated and you don't need a large bankroll to make this work.

Don't roll the dice until you read this report and learn how to win with this great craps strategy.  Click Here to place your order and get access to this insider information now.

craps strategy

  World's Safest System

The perfect craps strategy for the conservative player, that has the required patience to grind out about $30 an hour, more or less.

This safe, and sound craps system is revealed in detail in this complete report and requires only two simple bets.

Click Here to place your order and get access to this insider information now.

craps systems

  100% Protection System

With this craps strategy, you won't care if the shooter wins or loses, because you win either way.

The method revealed in this report requires a basic knowledge of the game, but can definitely make you a winner!  Click Here to place your order and get access to this insider information now.


What Players Are Saying: 

bingo system

" Richard, As far as my winnings with this system [100% Protection System]:  About $150-$200 per session of 45 minutes to an hour.  I am impressed with the results."  
Scott Zecher
" Your craps system really's great. WORLD'S SAFEST SYSTEM (it's the best) It's a slow but steady grind, but I have NEVER left the tables a loser. Thanks a million! 
Roger Gibson
How to win at craps. " I have been testing the $200 an Hour System against my Craps Tester book.
  It's doing very well on all kinds of tables. Thanks.
"      Bob Alberto, Manchester, NH
How to win at craps. " I have been a pro gambler for three years now. Thank you very much for your simple but very effective system."       N. Lewis, Melbourne Australia              READ MORE



For the past ten years I’ve been traveling the country, having conversations with the world’s greatest gamblers. It has taken me to almost every casino in the nation. Everywhere I go, I find the same thing---a few consistent winners. Sadly, though, the vast majority of people don’t have the knowledge necessary to be a real winner. Everywhere I’ve gone, I’ve taken the time to have lunch or dinner with the real winners of their game. I asked them all the same question: “What are you doing differently? What makes you successful, when so many others fail?” The answers they gave me became the foundation of my research.

The key to success is to study what professional gamblers are doing and start doing it yourself.

These people who have made winning look so easy have simply adopted some of the secrets of other gambling pros and made them their own. I can teach you the secrets of the pros. Make these secrets yours and they will send you to the winners circle. 

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I personally guarantee these craps systems will work at any casino you play!  Take up to a full year to learn, practice and profit. Just remember, if your average daily winnings don't add up to several hundred dollars, don't forget that I will give you a 100% refund. It's that simple. 

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