I just bought your goldmine roulette system

Date: 11/23/2008 12:34:25 A.M. Pacific Standard Time
From: ************
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Dear Richard,

I am a card counter, when I bought your system a couple days ago, initially it was for the blackjack.  When I 1st saw your blackjack system and how it was less than a page, I was very disapointed,
I was gonna ask for a refund, but I noticed that on your site, you were mainly touting your roulette system.  I have played a little bit of roulette, mostly for cover when I am getting heat from the pit.  I figured that if I could at least almost break even with some kind of roulette system, it would make great cover for my blackjack game.
I read your roulette system and it looked intriguing. On the rare occasions I have usually played dozens, but usally I would just watch people chuck stacks of chips at the table, and once in a while I would plop a bet.  And I was not a longterm winner on the roulette table, I will tell you that.
I downloaded a freeware roulette  game off the net, one not afiliated with a casino, it had a free 15 day trial.
I started playing exactly according to your system, logging my play just as you outlined.
I must say I have been completely blown away by the results.
  I have just been sitting at the computer mesmerized all weekend, playing simulated roulette.
Starting my simulation with 100 units as you suggested, it took 278 spins to double my stake, at which point I doubled my unit bet to correspond with my increased bank, from a fictitious $10 to fictitious $20.  68 spins later I doubled again and increased my unit bet to $40, 13 spins later, I increased my bank by another $1000 and for the sake of betting ease, upped my bet to fictitious $50 units.
  So far I have increased my original stake by a factor of 5 in just a few(albiet long) sessions, unbelievable! 
 I am going to take this simulation out to 1000 spins, reinvesting all winnings, in proscribed manner, of doubling stake when I double my bank, to see where I wind up.  By the way I have downlaoded a total of 4 different shareware and freeware roulette simulators, and am alternating between them, just to be safe
This intriguing simulation alone has given me my money's worth just in entertainment.  I can honestly say I won't be asking for a refund, and I think I just may be switching my game from blackjack to Roulette. And I will soon be dissecting your blackjack strategy as well.   Thanks for sharing Richard.
     I am going to play this system at a real table sometime next week but I had some questions before I get started.
1) First of all,  have you ever been, or have you ever heard of anyone being backed off of a roulette table?  I had always thought Roulette was an unbeatable game.
do I need to be careful? Is there such a thing as heat at a Roulette table? What are your suggestions in this regard?
2) Secondly I have noticed several times in the course of play, that I have been up 10 or eleven units, and won 3 or 4 times in a row only to lose the next 2 bets and then wind up down as much as 20 units.  In incidences like this where I have won 3 or more times in a row would it be advisable to end the mini session up 10 or 11 units, or should I just stick to the system? 
3) Are there any other tips, suggestions or advice that you have, regarding use of this  Roulette system in the casino?
Best Regards,
Thanks Again.