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The people on our direct mail MLM mailing lists are a combination of buyers and inquiries who have responded to a wide range of  MLM money-making business opportunity offers. They have replied to a variety of direct marketing mail promotions on the subject of how to increase their income through MLM. Our MLM mailing list contains mail-responsive MLM Income Opportunity Seekers, they are live prospects for your direct-mail promotions of MLM money-making offers.



Every name and address on our direct mail MLM mailing list is a qualified income opportunity seeker. Each person on the list has shown a strong desire to pursue MLM money-making business opportunities and many of them have spent their hard-earned money on products, programs and services which they believe will make them more financially secure.... These are all ideal prospects for any offers which can show them how to make more money - if what you are promoting can help them, they'll fill your mailbox with cash!

List brokers offer direct response MLM mailing lists such as these for as much as $90 per 1,000 names, but their minimum order is usually 5,000 leads and the names can be as much as three years old - it's a fact!...The names on our direct mail MLM mailing list are a maximum of 30 days old, many only days old. They are fresh, alive and eager to receive your offers and you may order as few as 200 of our direct marketing MLM leads to try without risking a big investment!

This MLM mailing list is computer maintained and is updated on a daily basis to assure you of the very latest leads for your direct-mail offers. We stand behind our names with the best cash guarantee in the business [see order form for details]. The names are available with random zip codes or zip-sorted, on your choice of  self-stick labels, plain paper, computer disk, or via e-mail, all at no extra charge.

Since we do most of our own marketing by direct-mail, we really understand the vital importance of well qualified, fresh and responsive names to your success. We also know that we would have been out of business long ago if we couldn't get your repeat business. The bulk of our sales are re-orders from satisfied customers [click for some testimonials] . The reason? - we provide superior direct marketing mailing lists at a reasonable price.

Because we sell only fresh, up-to-date lists, we can supply a maximum of 30,000 new direct-mail leads each month. We sell strictly limited numbers of each name so  the list is never rush your order today and receive more business, more orders and more profits tomorrow! Whether you need 200 leads or 30,000 leads, your order will be processed and filled promptly and accurately and will be carefully recorded to avoid any duplication on future orders. [click to order]



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Advertisements for MLM leads seem to be everywhere. Companies are offering you sure-fire ways to get all the MLM leads you need to generate a money making business. Yet, how do you know that those MLM leads are quality leads? If they are not the best quality, do you have what it takes to make those leads work for your business? If you are concerned about the MLM leads you may get from another company, you might want to consider generating your MLM leads on your own.

Generating your own MLM leads means that you are going to be able to tailor your leads to your specific MLM business. This means that you will not be paying someone else to generate a list of leads that may be rather generic. By generating your own MLM leads you are assured that you will be getting a list of quality MLM leads that will probably do your business a lot more good that any company promising you a large list of leads that may not be geared toward your MLM business. Also, by generating your own list of MLM leads, you know that these are people that want to hear about your type of business, so you can develop your sales pitch to fit your MLM leadsí specific needs.

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One of the reasons developing your own list of MLM leads means that you will get better quality leads is because you are getting MLM leads that will be more responsive. Leads vendors tend to develop generic lists of MLM leads where those people may end up being contacted by dozens of MLM marketers, plus they may not be new leads. Therefore, if you generate your own MLM leads, you should be able to contact the people right away, meaning your idea is fresh in their minds, which leads to a better response rate.

If you work on tailoring your MLM lead generating page on your website just right, you will get MLM leads in a way that allow you to respond right away while tailoring your sales pitch to what the person is looking for from your business. Asking the right questions so that you know exactly what people are looking for when you contact your MLM leads is imperative to the success of your business. If you are considering creating your own MLM leads, make sure you carefully develop your MLM lead page.

So, what do you put on your leads page to allow you to tailor your pitch? Develop some questions that you would want to ask of your MLM leads before you call them. Make sure the questions allow you to sort your MLM leads easily, so that you can qualify and disqualify your MLM leads in a simple manner. Do more than ask for a name or number by adding a comments section. This way, your MLM leads have a chance to tell you about themselves, which allows you to have a little background when you call them on the phone.

If you are on a budget, both time and money, generating your own MLM leads can be a way to save on both. The small investment of time in developing your MLM leads page will be a time saver when you gather quality leads. You will save time in sorting your MLM leads while avoiding time-wasting phone calls to bad or generic leads. You will also be able to avoid paying someone else to gather leads for you that may not be of the same caliber of those you could do yourself.



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